You Can Live More Safely with Natural Hazards

This website provides PDF copies or links to documents and websites that help you live more safely with natural hazards.

  1. Determine the risks that you, your family, your school, your business, your neighborhood face.
  2. Learn how these risks compare to other risks you face both in terms of severity and frequency.
  3. Develop a plan for reacting to the event, reconnecting with loved ones and others after the event, and recovering from the effects of the event.
  4. Take appropriate actions now. Determine:
    1. How you should react to survive the event
    2. How you can make your buildings safer
    3. How can you make inside your buildings safer
    4. What emergency supplies should be purchased
  5. What warning systems may be available
  6. Sleep better knowing that you are prepared


This website in under development. Click on the appropriate hazard for more information. THE ONLY INFORMATION IS UNDER EARTHQUAKES at this time.

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